Program Reviews

Reviews of Eyemovies Eyemodel software


"The eye model is a novel strabismus programme that should be of great value to trainees and clinicians alike.


It is easy to input data, and could be used to maintain electronic records of strabismus surgery.


What sets it apart from other strabismus models is the ability to incorporate the measurements in the 9 position of gaze for incomitant deviations.


The force generation graph will be particularly useful to trainees in understanding the biomechanics of eye movement.


The unique feature of this programme is the graphic representation of eye movements in various positions of gaze- I found this made the task of explaining the rationale behind surgery to patients and parents easy. This programme gave consistent results in complex cases such as strabismus related to cranio-facial disorders.  


Overall, a very useful tool for the practising ophthalmologist, trainees and orthoptists!"


Mr Manoj V Parulekar

Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist

Birmingham Children's Hospital